My Equipment

Mixers / Recorders

Microphone Preamps, Mixers :

Sonosax M2D2
Sound Devices 442

Recorders :

Sonosax R4+
Sound Devices 633
Sound Devices mixpre10T with Novation Control Surface for fader mixing
Sound Devices mixpre 6 MKII (with 2x noise assist plugin)
Zoom F8
Zoom H3VR modded ambisonic microphone and recorder
Zoom F1 miniature dual channel recorder

Microphones (a selection) :

Schoeps MS stereo couple
Schoeps CMC1 MK41 ; MK8
Sennheiser MKH8060
Ambient ATE308
2x Neumann KMR84
2x LOM usi pro omnidirectional microphones for AB stereo recordings
4x DPA 6060
4x DPA 4060
6x Deity Wlav pro
5x Voice Technologies VT500 (2x WATERPROOF microphones)
1x sennheiser MKE40 cardioid lavalier
1x binaural recording rig
1x Sennheiser AMBEO VR MIC, First Order Ambisonic (FOA)

Boom poles :

VDB large boompole
Ambient QXS small boompole
Rode pro carbonfiber boompole

Timecode :

Deity TC1 sync boxes
4x Tentacle Sync E (cables availables but camera dept should always bring their sync and audio input cables for maximum interoperability assurance)

Wireless :

1x Wysicom MCR 54 & MTP TX
2x Lectrosonics SRC Receivers
4x Lectrosonics transmitters SMQV ; MM 400
2x Audio limited 2040 transmitters & Receivers
2x Deity THEOS

camera hops & IFB / IEM

4x Sony UWP-d11 transmitters & receivers, SMA modifieds
2x sennheiser G3 transmitters & receivers, SMA modifieds
Antenna Distribution, Directive and dipole antennas, in Diversity Reception

Power :

AudioRoot SmartBatteries with Power distribution system
Np1 batteries
Sony LP

Accessories :

CInela, Radius, Rycote, Bubblebee, URSA, Viviana, Ambient accessories
K-TEK, sachtler, portabrace and orca bags accessories for smooth bag workflow
Pelicase for moving the equipment around the world.

Sound carts :

Zuca modded Soundcart / Boom op cart
Super zuca all terrain soundcart
RocknRoller modded soundcart


mobile Digital Audio Workstation with Up to 64 simultaneous recording I/O channels capabilty in a mobile setup with Audinate Dante network

Softwares :

Reaper software ; Pro Tools ; Adobe Audition ; Izotope RX ; Harpex